Meet Jen!

It all started in 2016. I was working part time at King's Tavern while going to school full time. The owner suggested that he was ready to retire and that I should consider purchasing it from him. The idea really appealed to me as I had been a business owner previously. I saw huge potential for improvement and ways I could really make the place more fun. So I scraped the money together and the grand opening of White Water Saloon was St. Patrick's Day of 2017.

Things were going well and had really started to take off in 2018. With the help of my sons, I had totally revamped the bar inside and out. The changes that I implemented were a huge success and everything was going according to plan. Then the fire hit in November. Everybody and their brother was sending me photos of the bar burning. It was absolutely devastating.

I knew I needed to rebuild the bar. I was a woman possessed with the planning process. I spent a year finding a new location and rebuilding the bar from the ground up. The grand opening of Jen's Place was November 8, 2019 which was exactly one year from the date the original bar burned down.

Fun facts about the bar location: first it was a bakery. After that, it was Home Tech Charter School where all three of my boys went to school. My dad and my sons helped to build the bar and bar top. I came up with the bar's layout, design, and decor. I went through a lot of names for the new bar. It was going to be Remi's Place after my dog who has been coming into the bar since she was a tiny puppy.

The things we value most are community, loyalty, and respect. The main reason I knew I needed to rebuild was because people needed a place to come be with their chosen family. This bar is a family within the community. The bar is where everyone congregated after the fire. We gave people a place to come feel normal again. The fire displaced everyone and it's been such a struggle for so many. The stress, sadness, and sense of loss was totally overwhelming. I wanted to give people a chance to leave all of that behind, even for just a little while. I love this town. I raised my boys in this town. This community has always stood behind me and I wanted to ensure that people had a place to come together to enjoy themselves again.

Jen's Place has a fun-filled country chic atmosphere. We offer something different every night of the week from swing dancing lessons, karaoke, live music, football, special events, and all kinds of parties. We have pool tables, pinball machines, and a jukebox. There is always something going on and we have something for everyone.